Oh, Johnny-Boy

Your days have been so horrid,
Your days are filled with grief.
To all your disbelief,
Your death will bring relief.

Johnny, oh, Johnny,
You've been so scared,
'Cause no one cared,
Now your thoughts [are] impaired.

You think about the beatings,
You stress about the faults.
You don't care for the meetings,
They're usually assaults.

One thing they don't have,
Is the feel of pain;
So, they will remain,
And suffice to their reign.

They'll make times hard,
And pull a knife.
They'll take your life,
So don't think twice.

Johnny boy, sweet Johnny, joy.
Your end will impend.
Though it has brought me cloy;

I know you were my friend.
I know it's for the better,
I know it's for the best.
You but took a test,
And failed, with few regrets.

No hearings from your family,
They don't really care.
They don't dare.
Your death is not a memory that they intend to share.

You're now gone, with the wind.
And you will be missed.
Your life was surely sinned,
I think you get the gist.

Johnny, oh, Johnny,
Live your death with pride.
And know, no matter what,
I'm always by your side.

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