Oh Joyous Christmas (I Think?)

Oh joyous Christmas
With bells all around
With carols sung around the halls
And presents around the tree
And the people in their homes
Eating turkey, pudding and many more
Nothing can pop this golden bubble of yours
Until another person comes along and spoils the fun
Telling that Christmas is for giving not getting
For sharing not hoarding
Bah humbug! It's nonsense of course
After all you've heard that message again and again
In so many different variations it's hard to count
But let us once again remember
That Christmas is not just for you and your loved ones
But for the people who have none
That Christmas is for the unloved, hopeless and despaired
It's for those who suffer to find hope and rest at last
So let me remind you again that Christmas isn't just for you
But for the weak and abandoned you showed so little compassion to
So you could preserve this fleeting dream of yours

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