Oh, Nature

Oh, nature, what has happened to you?
Have we all destroyed your beautiful youth?
Oh, nature, you love us so much, and we've hurt you.
You give us life and deny us nothing.
Oh, nature, what can I do?
This is so intense, I feel there's nothing left to do.
Oh nature, the search for fulfillment is never-ending.
Oh, nature, please know I feel guilty.
I ate your animals, I can feel them in me.
I am a hypocrite; no one would ever listen to me.
Oh, nature, tell me what to do-
to stop these people, so they know that murder of animals
and people is hurting you.
Oh, nature, there's nothing left to say.
You will never die; you'll destroy us before we continue to hurt you.
Please, sun, don't stop shining your light.
Oh, nature, I will miss you.
I'm sorry we did this to you.
One day, I hope you'll forgive us and regenerate yourself.
So flowers continue to bloom,
So our generation doesn't die of so soon,
As we murder our own and kill each other.
All the war between politicians-me? I want peace.
War seems to last an eternity. I hope it ends in Heaven.
For the ones who were taken, I hope they know peace.

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