Oh One and only, hear me confess

Barely knew each other but look all the things we said and did
I settle in these thoughts I probably shouldn't meddle in
You say I’m cute, you say I’m nice
The fire in you is burning my ice
I’m a roller-coaster ride I’m warning you
I’d burn you so hard I’ll call it a barbecue
If you think it’s too fast I understand
If you feel like you’re drowning and searching for some land
I don’t want to suffocate you and lose what we got
Just hang on if you think it’s worth giving a shot
So tell me something that I like to hear
Would you stay with me if I tell you the things I fear?
I fear people who love and care for me
I don’t like to showcase my feelings like it’s a sight-see
If you know about me and choose to stay
I might make you the center of my universe and show you the Milky Way
You got the mind of a gentleman but lips that prove otherwise
Would you believe it if I said that I see the world in your eyes?
There’s just something about you that makes me feel like a goddess
With you by my side, take a wild guess
Every time you kiss me, the feeling just lingers when it ends
Guess it’s too late to be just ‘friends’
Baby hear my confession and take my soul
Take my heart with you, I’m ready to give it all
What if I told you that you are ‘the One’?
Would you stay with me or choose to run?

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