Oh Samantha

Nothing can understand how I feel
Seeing you makes all my wounds heal
Your hair, your warmth I desperately need to wield
Why can't you and me be?
Because you love someone else other than me?
It's more complex than love Samantha can't you see?

Oh Samantha! To see you laugh
A feeling I would always want to have
Oh Samantha! To feel your hug
Would make me happy as a dog rubbing its butt on a rug
Oh Samantha! You cradle me and put my ego in its place
Oh Samantha! My thoughts of you can never be erased

Oh Samantha! I'm powerless against you
You already know
When I see you, you make my blood flow
You take my breath away like a striking blow
Oh Samantha! Every single time I look at you, you sever away
as though I will never see your love on a day

Oh Samantha! How I wish you would hold me dear
Even though you never really seem to care
When will you ever find a day to talk
Or will you turn me around and send me off
Like I said, my feelings cannot be understood
Or maybe you Samantha, you could

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