Oh Spring, Do Come Into Us

Oh Spring, do come into us
You wait so patiently behind Winter's white curtain of cold
Come wrap your warm tendrils of love and beauty around us
Replace this bare, stark world that enwraps us presently

Oh Sky
Who shelters us all year round with your lucid wisdom
Open up your dry eyes and cry tears of rain upon us
Make fertile seeds beneath Gaia's impregnated skin

Oh Sun
Who hath been in hiding from us for so long
Come out and shine upon us with your infinite light
Gaze upon us with your endless source of love

Oh Grass
Who through thick and thin dutifully stands tall
Become green and soft again, a place to lay our heads
Let blades of grass tickle the 'tween of toes as feet roam

Oh Flowers
Who patiently wait to come alive with kisses of colors
Bloom, bloom, bloom, come alive with life for us
Let our eyes behold your beauty that you offer unselfishly

Oh Bushes
Who mostly stand bare and seemingly stoic
Bring forth green foliage and delicate little flowers
That you duly offer, ones that bloom so lovely

Oh Trees
Who stand naked and strong all Winter long
Come, come, come alive with plentiful green leaves
For it is our respite during those hot Summer days

Oh Birds
Who doth flee to escape Winter's harshness
Return outside our windows, perch upon a branch
Sing to us Spring's melody of beauty and joy

Oh Spring, do come into us
Free us from this dark, cold cave of Winter
Deliver us out onto your wide open spaces
Let us play inside of your warmth and beauty

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