Oh Star

Oh star, oh star
Let your light shine again
For I know this must not be the end
You must awaken from this slumber
Your light should no longer be cumbered
But here you lie without a beat in your heart
Here you lie for your heart will no longer start
Oh star, my star your light has burned out
Oh star, oh star I must awaken from this dream
For I have no guide, no light, nor a beacon beam
To guide me out of this horrid nightmare
This evil place without you which I can no longer bear
For your light of which our world could no longer spare
Ive lost sight of your bright and beautiful light
Oh star, my star your light has lost its shine
Lost in the dark feeling the chills up my spine
My star your light has shed its final light
Oh star, my star im not giving you up without a fight
oh star, oh star your cycle of pain has come to an end
For the rules of life I wished had bend
But now you slumber for all of time
Your voice I no longer hear, quieter than a mime
Forever you shall be in a long sleep
6 feet beneath my very own feet
Without a spark of light left
Your final fate has come upon you, the fate of death

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