Oh What I Saw

I was there...I saw what they did. How could it be?
They nailed you to the cross for ALL to see.

They laughed and they hated and called you "King of Jews".
Then they made a crown built especially for you.

When they put it on you, I saw skin tear...
As blood oozed to a trickle through your long wind blown hair.

I fell to my knees...How could they take part?
As the instrument they held was stuck near to your heart.

The thieves they both hung there,one at each side.
Then I heard someone say "Die Jesus, Die"!

The pain on your face was plainly seen,
As I sobbed at your feet for all I had seen.

The sky got dark as you hung there.
Then ALL Sin was poured on you,for you to bear.

I looked to heaven and asked God "Why?"
as I knelt at your feet and watched you die.

What they do,they do not know.
For you Blessed Jesus died for the soul.

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