Oil Soldier

An oil soldier marches into a winning battle
With a bald eagle’s crest and 50 innocent stars
He steadily struts without a thought while his armor rattles
Stepping through the muck, skulls, and sticky black tar,
He spreads immense freedom

Stepping straightly, flocking with his muddy boots
The oil soldier ripens his musket and brings forth peace
He shoots at opposers, who stop his righteous pursuit
And creates burdens for families and doesn’t cease
He spreads immense freedom

His unwarranted grace spreads to the land
In the dry, hot air he stares along his path
He replaces the green and gifts it sand
And wants the people to know of his loving wrath
He spreads immense freedom

He kindly disintegrates homes for oil
And peacefully bombs millions for cash
But that is okay and doesn't make him toil
He hopes to destroy and send the city to ash

But all is justified and opposition is dumb
For he is American and spreads immense freedom

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Key Words : activism, war,american

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This Poems Story

I wrote this about the invasion of Iraq perpetrated by the US government.