‘OL Missouri Sundown

houses burning like votes for bernie
a century ago Pierce City fires poured by people multiplied,
as "eliminate all of them"
rang from similar colored lips
while sirens were silent
screams "run"
are remembered vibrantly
cause this was Lee's country atleast extended territory
to some, a hebraic allegory
and others a less important story
the point is childrens glory

as "they" ran to the woods
a city being purged
left no life/yet/let/lives tell accounts from both sides
a hallowed holocaust torched
home by home
kerosened quarters
saw foot prints leaving out the back porch

Still running past the trees into the sunrise children dreamed
a town rejoiced further and farther away
as feet ferociously followed each others step
cheers developed
with 5 ropes to spare
the despair told conservatively
was sound monetary policy
but if you ask around,
its just a Sundown town.

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