Old Age Pains

Our knees, our legs and backs all ache
Is there no relief for Heaven's sake?
Must we each day get out of bed
With this curse upon our head?
What have we done that is so wrong
That we must live within this painful throng?
Oh yes we understand that we are not alone
There are many others with gritting bone
I guess that is the price we pay
For all of our youthful pranks and play
We would most certainly appreciate
If our bones would not hurt and grate
From this point on my elderly friend
That is the way it's going to be until the end
Quit all of this annoying complaining
Yes we know it is quite restraining
Accept the fact that we are getting older
Our hands and feet do feel quite a bit colder
We will be able to weather the storm
If the memories of days long past are warm
Sit down in your comfortable chair
Sit there and give up. just don't care
Or join in on the daily game
Even though you hurt and are a little lame
Join in on life's wonders and fun
Get out and take a walk in the bright warm sun

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