Old Country Man

Now I'm a hollow country man. I is it my own plan to make more understand me grow my own food to no understand notes. I grand in here sleep in my bed. I have to get up to awake every morning to get going. The coffee is right like but still asleep dead awake twice.
That's nice from this flight a chance to peel up corn.

To get some kind of pay then darn down the way to next fix the gate it's broken since yesterday. How much more can I take? Risen my soul left my mortgage still is unpaid. It is given nothing to pay it with. I just wish to come to something a blessing.
The messing is heedless to a like. I am not trying to find a new wife. This in my tractor it's right. I level out the crops then grab to pull my knife.

Reaching new heights to feed the cows, here to cut the rope then light up a smoke. To manage stress it's tight like my money little less. I expect even doom twice while I sit down and now eat this deer meat. I eat this bread with sandwich spread over sloppy Joes can. I eat yes meals with this beer drinking full of tears internally inside ever never outside. Well from the years passed without a family at last. Being sad from the cows that went down had here to past.

On in front of my house I announce on the farm here sitting alone with a vision in this room my home. Alone I am bigger than a president saying something but nothing way to long. I went to the event left quick. I smell some awful stench going brainless get away from it take a hint. Which is my farm is a dent from the dirt road crossing passed the creek.

The intent came to it with redemption to repair endless sin it's just a life with a country man struggle city less.

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This Poems Story

This is about the brokenness of an old farmer who is down on his luck. Trying to come to terms with the practical circumstance of the situation.