Old & Embracing Ground

Where ruddy nymphs did lightly tread,
Druids primordial script read;
On earthly jubilee past
A solitary sapling is cast.

A dewy needle gently falls
On brow beneath, a tower tall
above, in repose fixed I'm found,
held by old and embracing ground.

All that remains is bleaching bones,
listening to the windy tones.
Yet the sapling quietly grows
in mossy fields never sowed.

Perdition is fore'er unknown,
And paradise I'll never roam.
Nevertheless, a wood is formed
Which fays and sprites gamboled and stormed.

A coiled snake, renowned liar,
Atop a wren's hymn soon retires.
Meek mice aware, silently weep.
The tree knows, an Argusian feat

To every pine we're assigned,
And acorns solemnly enshrined.
In wooded crypts, oaks voluble
Never again ineffable.

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