Old friends

Someone who is honest
someone you can trust
a person who is always there
without there being a must.
that’s a true friend.

my older brother always had a friend
since the time he was young
they played around with a couple of others
they all hung around having fun.

but i was six years younger
always trying to hang around
even though they were older
they sometimes allowed me in, i found
that it made me feel grown up.

they’ve shared their lives
without any lies
they even went after the same girl at school,
his friend got the girl
but Bernie and brother Hill
still remained friends.

they keep in touch
it doesn’t seem as much
to find out how each have grown,
but the reminiscing years
start separating the tears
of my never really having one.

I thought i did at one time
we were as close as we could be
but i tried giving him some advice
how to hold on to his love, and forget all his vice,
he got very angry and there was a price
he then stopped trusting me.

then after him, i found another
and i was even closer than before
then an accident happened
his father butted in, he couldn’t ignore
his demand, not to see me any more.

so early in life, i lost two people
i thought were my best of friends
that i never more got to see,
oh how i wish i had an old friendship
like brother Hill and Bernie.

now that two scores
have passed us by
i ran into those friends again
amends were made
friendships remade
but they’re nothing like before.

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This Poems Story

I think this story tells it all. Not much a i can add.