Somebody has deeper strategy
To win the people's sympathy
So change could be done quickly
Everyone's brainwashed culturally.

To make our teeth clean and bright
Do not brush anymore left to right
Brushing up and down is just right
To have our teeth good to the bite.

Old habits die hard, the wise says
A cheater fights for what he sees
'Coz there's a lot of opportunities
Would add up to his stolen monies.

Started to spin beliefs of millions
Underpinned by powerful minions
Fertilized lots of history revisions
That changed millions of opinions.

A common strategy was adapted
The weakest link has been selected
Boiled down to how'll people be fed
With Agri produce once harvested.

Taking the wheels of agriculture
Manifests delusions of grandeur
A position not fit for an amateur
Just another sham for a saboteur.

One must not lie with all his might
If no receipts to be morally upright
Specially when situation is uptight
Talent and track record must be right.

Long journey begins with the first step
Obviously we cannot take any misstep
Qualifications don't come from a gossip
But from a person's qualities in all respects.

Trial and error ain't fit in this predicament
Shouldn't put lives of people in detriment
The person who deserves the appointment
Must have excelled in professional management.

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This Poems Story

This is a story of a new president who is tainted with corruption and stealing from the government. He also assigned himself to handle one department which is very vital to the food security of the country. He has not proven himself yet in governing the nation and yet he would like to have a concurrent position as the top executive in the agricultural department.