Old house

By Josh   

Standing among the grass and weeds a sentry stands.
Once was a place of love, joy, and glee.
Now home to mice and birds.
Shutters hang loosely off the windows.
Door is now peeling and hanging loose.
Once white siding covered the outside and now it's faded an grey.
Windows once kept the weather out are now sagging and broke.
Wind howls through the cracks and crevices stirring dust and leaves inside.
Wall paper hangs loose and peeling to crumble on the floor.
Once where little feet use to run down the hall, mice now scurry.
Once food use to fill the house with comforting smells.
Now dust and mold have taken it's place.
Standing against time and slowly decaying was a lovely home full of hope and love.
Now forgotten an left to nature it slowly dies and disappears.

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How places are left to decay