Old Joe

By Jacob   

Dust covers his body as he stands in the middle of the pen. His eyes watching everything around him,he notices a young man coming through the gate. His ears twitch as the man comes closer, turning his head to stare at the intruder of his domain. Ripples of energy goes through his body as he prepares for a battle knowing he has won so many in the past. A hand touches his neck and moves forward toward his head, his eye on the man he waits patiently. As a saddle is set on his back energy flow's through him and yet he waits. Feeling that pressure on his side as the man is pulling himself up in the saddle, he waits patiently. Once his intruder is set upon him and his energy has built up he bolts straight up. Feet back on the ground he turns left and right then up again. Feet on the ground he turns his body to the intruder who is now on the ground. Man sitting there hand on his head staring at old Joe who is laughing at him.

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