Old man frustration

How I feel is all about gloom. This world with all it’s shit! This place is all about having this thing on that. To looking at a dam screen 72” to just 4”. Why can’t you put down the light and look at my eyes. The days where people actually spoke and care for things around. Now it’s always about what is going on. across the country or the world. Put down the dam phone and look across the street. There’s nothing wrong with talking with a person that is in front of you like me. Instead y’all rather text those words that loathe all of humanitarian personal reputation. With someone else who is just self absorbed and conceded.
Drop the phone, your back on my time. I don’t care that YouTube shows a dancing cat with a tie. Lay it aside turn it off grab the dang wheel and drive.

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This one day I saw so many people texting while driving, or talking on the phone while in the drive through, the told the attendant to hold on. So they could finish their call. Come on people stop being rude and stupid.