Old Man Mourns

One day as I was out just walking
I came upon an old man to himself talking

None around only it seemed at first
He looked down I noticed as he cursed

At no obvious thing for anyone to see
Then I too thought as all,"he must be crazy"

As he never allowed his stare to stray
I wondered what made him this way

Finally now within my view
After most peoples curiosity grew

A passer-by states out loud
He's lost , his heads in a cloud

It's his wife's picture his eyes now glazed
Tortured from the loss his soul is hazed

She's gone now,(I later find)
Another like her, never! She's one of a kind

Sadly he carries her picture around
Soulmates with her he's been bound

He can't seem to move on nor get past
Because for him these ties eternally will last

The things he yells and curses her for now
Questions of abandonment of them,...HOW???

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    This Poems Story

    Thinking back to how long my grandma lasted after my grandfather died. She died with him that day and nobody truly ever saw it. Until she became ill and expressed her longing to be with him again.