Old October

Spices simmer, stars a'glimmer,
Shooting streaks across the sky.
Crisp and cool, a damp wind's blowin',
What's left of summer's here to die.

Leaves are shaken, fears awaken,
Nothing's like it was before.
Old October, sad and sober,
Open's up the spirit's door.

Close your eyes and lift your hand up,
Open heart and mind up wide.
Turn around and touch the old one,
She will make your spirit fly.
Ask for guidance, give a blessing,
Speak to those who've gone before,
Old October, wise and sober,
Receive peace forevermore.

Tiptoe lightly, hold my hand tightly,
Welcome those unseen about,
Light a candle, raise a circle,
Put aside your fear and doubt.

No more mourning, clouds are forming,
Can you sense the change within,
Old October, round the corner,
Brings the new year in again.

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