Old Yeller Poem

They lived in Texas on the open land
where Travis would learn what it means to be a man.
Papa left for Kansas upon his horse
hoping this trip would not bring remorse.
A guardian angel arrived the very next day
in the form of a yeller dog to Travis's dismay.
Arliss loved Old Yeller from the start
it would take more work to win Travis's heart.
Travis went hunting and hung up the meat
he tempted Old Yeller but told him not to eat.
Old Yeller stayed true to the chore
as well as the Bull fight, bear fight, wolf fight and more.
Old Yeller got rabies and had to be shot
It was sad, but he would not be forgot.
He showed his maturity
By shooting the dog to save his family.
Papa came back to his land,
And found Travis sad but also grown man.
Papa taught Travis a thing about life
don't worry too much about the bad things
or you'll miss all the things that go right.

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