Ole Linda


We’ve made it through all kinds of shit. Come on Cuz!

you can pull through this. I know it’s hard, I feel upset.

You’re all alone in your body’s crypt.

You fight, ole Linda, you still have time.

We’ve got trips to take and smiles to have.

You’ve always held on through thin and through thick.

You come on ole Linda out of the thick of this.

Your children need you and the rest of the fam.

We’re pulling for you; you’re in our prayers.

Come on now Cuz, don’t go out like this.

unless it’s too hard and you just can’t take it.

It’s easy for me to pray that you pull on through,

but Cuz I ain’t there, so, I can’t attest to—-

what you’re seeing, hearing, or feeling or

what else is on you?

Whatever path you choose-

I know the Lord, has you.

My sweet Cuz, ole Linda,

my heart is with you.

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