As I write this I am scared
I can feel the rapid heartbeat pounding in my ears
Trying so desperately to drown the constant complaints
Of friends, of peers
Of family, of teachers
Of coaches, of teammates
The constant demand to fit into the cookie cutter society
But I didn't
I'm sure they do not realize
I am anchored between two me's
The one they want, and the one that is me
While my engines are at full blast
Trying desperately to save what is left of
But the 6 ton anchor that is holding her down
Is trying to conserve what is left of
Liv, the cheerful mask of the
Scared, dedperet, anxious, nervous, fearful
Liv, the one that fits into the cookie cutter
Shaving off chunks of Olivia
The chunks that society sees as abnormal
The pieces that make her who she is
The one that fears what people think
That hide away in her books and notebooks in her desk
The desk that hides the chunks that have been brutally cut off Oliva
And Olivia is trapped inside that desk
Trapped inside the cookie cutter
Trapped in that 3 lettered name given to her by that 6 ton anchor
Now my ears are ringing
With the fading beating of Olivia s heart
And the expectations of Liv
I am afraid
Afraid of the name tag that I put on everyday
Hello my name is
I leave it blank
And hand the pen
To the 6 to anchor

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