Olofofo! Stick To Haema

Olofofo! You keep me hurt!
Your nature in cupid's business is nosy and blunt
Your duty is to let me live
Not to cease my life!
Your constant intrusion could term you a killer
I should get you employed instead as a miller.

I know he's tall, I know he has dimples
I know I love dark guys with a dash of pimples
Though with disarranged enamels, his smile ceases my breath
His lush hair can't be matched with any on earth
You love when my eyes search for him
So you make sure I'll always think of him
I know his eyes causes you to rock 'n' roll
I know his voice makes you like a ball ready for a bowl
And his name, it's of the pink red gemstone.

I know the other guy is as beautiful as the sun
He's spotless!
He stares at me a lot as if he needs answers
I know he has hidden words in his eyes, matchless manners!
He's filled with wisdom and I feel he's too good for me
I know he's not of the height I'd want for me
I know I could avoid him a million times, that's my thing
Well, our handshake meant something
The sound of his name is like my lips.

I know this new guy has another he loves
I know I can't be the bitter in their sweet
His excitement to drumbeats got us locking eyes
Little does he know that you dance along to his beats
Just know your beat can't last for him, he's taken, remember?
I'll hide his name cos he's definitely not a member.

I know there are many more I hid from you
I know I care about them all, do you?
I know I need someone to call mine
And I know a lot are seeking me to dine
I know the real one is out there as anonymous
I know I might make the wrong decision if I hurry, so I'll pause.

Dear Kardía, just stick to Haema!
You hurt me by reminding me of danger
I know I chose the pink red stone more
But, what if he's taken?
Olofofo! Help me forget
That which I might not get.

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