Windows were shaking as I awoke in the middle of the darkness.
Feet tattering down the stairs from the corner of my hearing.
That's when I saw you there. shaking, eyes filled with fright;
It was as if you were a child on Halloween night.
Outside a storm was afoot.

We escaped the basement and the fear, or so we thought.
But as we reached the top the showers grew mightier.
That's when you clung onto me for dear life.
Curled on the couch, you begged it to stop.
The sky was an abysmal pond of shadows,
Suddenly it brightened with a screaming white light.
It was as if a nuke had been dropped.
Our hearts fell below -- back to the basement.

But there we were on the couch;
Lost, confused, scared of what was to come.
Our naivety and youth getting the best of us.
You told me those three words, cowered into my embrace,
And cried tears of helplessness.

Now time has passed by quicker than we could imagine.
That was a few years ago now.
Now I'm the one that is scared, wishing I could cling onto you,
Feel your embrace, and say
And say€¦ I love you, dear.
The fear of nukes and storms
Will never truly amount
To the fear of being alone.

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