Ominous Winds

Our hearts are open.
Our eyes are closed.
The saddest stories compiled in which our lives composed.
The lies arrived and danced and surprised our minds,
The shines that outlined the crime
intrigued and our heart rates have climbed,
Climaxing at the end of time where we sit, sad asking why.
Why did it turn out like this?
I felt the greatest joys but didn't see this destiny within the mist,
I thought here was where my dreams would persist,
I got so caught up in the smoke that my life, I dismissed.
Sitting at the edge of the ledge, we ponder, hurt,
We wander, and cry father!
The sunny beaches were nice but these winter storms,
So cold! So cold! I wish I was a day old, I wish...
I wish I was a baby once again!
I mean, I can sit and pretend.... Again,
I can twist the very fabric of reality and tell myself
that I am a child again.
That I'm safe and these worries don't exist,
That I am care free and my joys dance in bliss,
I sit in the warm arms of my mother and feel the warm embrace
from her kiss,
The comfort of her lips take me into a deep sleep dreaming of this.
But at the end truth is truth and lies are lies,
I just wish I had these eyes open since the dawn of the blue skies.
If this were true then...
Maybe then I'd hear a different melody of life comprised,

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