As time passes us by
Will there still be a silent space where we meet,
a canvas upon which to draw dreams back to life?
Will we be bound forever by the hot cord of memory
And when you feel lightness in your heart
Can I still be the sun from which it bursts open,
an exultant flame?
For all its fleetingness on the wind,
Time is as translucent as a body of water
and we move easily toward each other through it.
You are to me but a whisper on the wind
and being me, a fleeting thing myself
all I ask is that when you see a body of water,
you rush forward with the current toward me.
That you hold me safe in your big lion's heart
and not toss me to the wind,
where I, less weighted than you, might be lost.
I wait in breathless vain for time to wash me ashore
but I only fall deeper for you.
I lived my life on a cloud; you burned me into reality.
I feel the flesh of your heart in mine
and it does not let go.

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