On a Good Day

Usually on a good day I get these tendencies to display my unique
Poetic abilities and it's like every day I have this infatuation
To engage in a simple conversation with you it fills me
With complete satisfaction many times I begin to feel
A powerful attraction comin up like it's bound to
Detonate a nuclear reaction not a day goes by I don't look up
To the sky only to wonder why I have yet to become blessed
With the opportunity to fill you up with complete ecstasy
Every time you get next to me constantly and rapidly I
Wanna drive you crazy just like you been doin to me lately
With every glance I take upon this beautiful girl so innocent
And sweet my heartbeat immediately increases
To a high speed and then proceeds to reach its
Highest peak somehow little miss innocent and sweet
Causes it to skip a beat consequently I'm
Quickly swept off of my feet
The first day and night that we were acquainted
Upon first sight I swear that I fainted and ever
Since that day I've knelt down to pray
For the day I can impress your feelings in a major
Way and I also pray that we're included in each other's
Devised plan created by the man in the heavens above

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