On featherless wings

Watching the nature,
how beautiful our lands are,
birds chirping,
kids playing.
But yet, through my eyes I do not see that,
what I do see is not that,
but something different from that.

As I rise upon the lands to seek our wonders
I keep coming closer and closer to the ground
- everything is different-
but really, all that has changed is my point of view
yet I cannot sense that,
I am convinced everything is ugly from up close.

This is my reality;
there is no birds,
there is no kids,
there is no beauty in the world,
but what there is, is nothing.
It is sadness and misery.

It is in this moment, I realize,
I am coming closer and yet closer to the ground.
It is in this moment, that I realize I am alone,
flying on featherless wings.

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