On Golden Wings

I saw a great brown bird of prey on a sign below the wire,
And though he was just sitting there, I could tell he was a flyer.
His great wings were spread outwards, his feathers all fluffed up,
Then I saw the means of his warnings, a half grown Spaniel pup.
It barked and howled, howled and barked, jumped up at its most,
But still it could not reach the golden eagle on the post.
At first I was quite worried for the dog was big and strong,
But I needn't have worried, the bird didn't wait too long.
With a cry of defiance the eagle SWooped, piercing talons first,
I have heard many animals in pain, but the Spaniels was the worst.
While I will not describe what the great bird did to him,
I'm sure the handsome eagle wasn't bothered again.
After the fight between the two, with the retreating loser's cries,
The bird, so great and beautiful, looked me in the eye.
His stare was fierce and very proud, yet somehow gentle too,
But if he decided to attack, I knew I would lose.
He looked at me, and I at him, and neither of us moved.
Then, he spread his awesome wings and soared into the blue.
I'll never forget his eyes so fierce they seemed to burn with fire,
Nor him soaring on golden wings as he flew ever higher.

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