On Into the Night

On Into the Night
By Dan Bickert

Drearily, while pondering my situation
I go gently go into the merciless night
without a sign of delight
through a dark alley and then out of sight
Disappearing into the darkness
And on to the end of the narrow street
Go not into the darkness tourist or stranger
The alleyways brings bode full dread and danger
Often what happens in the dark is not right
Criminal things go on beyond the light
And I say to myself,
In the dark of the night
It is there on the right, yeah, that’s right
And then, back home, and then a little later
A tapping on my one room chamber door
While shadow from the single light dance on the floor
A call from outside the door for the monthly rent
I have been doing without
And from my soul I implore for better days
Tomorrow I will make it by if I can borrow
Dreaming of an end to the demon of debt
Something unknown to those well off in life
But all too familiar to those slighted by the dreary blight of poverty
Who often doubt the lingering light of hope
Turning away from the light of hope hinders sight
Although one knows there is no way out for most
Those born poor typically die poor
Me, I have been traveling, and on the road, and thus with little
Dejection, blinding sight, in the face of poverty one asks in this system, right?
The future, for many, is an uncertain mystery to explore
Nearer, every day, to death we go ageing
We each hit each stage of life, youth, middle age, and then old age
As we age without delight, it is not as easy when one is without
Some are at the heights of wealth while so many do without
And, often deeds induced by poverty breed crime, so they say
But, As I have seen, in some parts there is peace and poverty still
While they lack belongings and wealth
And do not rob you in a dark alley
While still living an uncertain life and while going without

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