On Lock Down

Angery stog smoke
cool weed breeze
key to the saddest story
deep within me.
Forgotten, conceled
weapon, i've learned enough
harsh lessons for this session...
This feels less than grand
i could use of few of thoses
damn, or a safe area to land
Where to go now
where can i run
lost maps & heartattacks
are we having fun?
i just wanna be numb
I cant stop smoking
joking or toking
crawling sometimes my skin
but seeing the beauty in my chaos
is the only way to release
my madness within
Soon everything
opening my eyes i still see the sky
honestly i feel dead inside
questions run like
why do i even try?
World worries arose
like can i really do this,
so scarred,
Why am i still on this damn road
looking for the next exit
but i missed it
could slow down to catch it
& then my engine explodes
This journey i now gotta take on foot
shoeless, careless, to the tenth degree,
wonder whats next to hurt me
Prepare for the worst
but hope for the best i guess
So i gather the little that i own
cant forget paper & pen
or my dreams will be forgotten
forever lost in the wind
this battel i gotta win
But im still in route
i might be trucking low
but not till im 6 feet deep
buried deep down below will
i cease to slow my tempo

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