On My Leash

I am sprightly, though on a leash
For it is a glorious morning
Humans replacing the drama
Of the vehicles on the street
Humans on their feet at marathon
Let my heart leap for a marathon
Yet, I would enjoy watching
The scene as it slowly goes by
Here we come towards the intersection
With a width that is unparalleled
And a car blocking the street we cross
Ah! The officer is standing by
Oh! How they love us, dogs
For the sniffing service we render
As I leap and greet him
I observe how grateful he is
Dutifully, he stands there
While I resume walking
To greet the little girl with the mom
Oh! She is unresponsive!
Oh! Who is that on the other end?
How incredible is this?
Let me rush towards her
How did she escape my senses
Even though I was occupied?
I approach her a little sideways
In my own questioning way
Wearing the expressions on my face
That ask her where she has been
She is always very receptive
Quietly, she reads my expressions
We have no communication gap
She adores my way of reaching her
I should tell her I know that
She discerns me so well
However, the most effective way is
Being close face to face
Thoughtfully, I take a leap
To hug her cheek on the left
And, repeat it for reassurance
With my nose on her lips
I hear her welcome laughter
Now, back on the sidewalk
With my eyeballs widespread
I stare at her with expressions of fire
Inviting her to join us
But, she bids me, 'bye'
And goes on her glorious way

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