on my way to hell

got the mind of a manic got a question then ask
unless you need to see the proof and facts
keep coming up close you will catch contact
everyone said i wouldnt last
remembering everything they said in the past
how all they ever did was laugh
expected me to fail and crash
only if you knew anything about me
then it should it be plain to see
i been mentally dysfunctional
emotionally numb just not who i used to be
stop coming around do you know what im talking about
these situations im left facing i aint getting any help
which is why i stay inside of a shell
my mind plays tricks on me i got demons inside of me
headed to hell so it shouldn't be hard to tell
i'm living with the devil as a prisoner without a sell
sinner who's been a sinning with intentions that are inflicted
i have built up hate and rage inside of me
in fear that i will soon unleash a part of me
i never thought that you would meet
currently in this suicidal state while trying to maintain
im praying asking will i be forgiven
for father i have sinned where do i begin
the way that i been feeling
how i am living but i'm dead inside
does't justify guess ill never know why
ill just wear my mask as a disgueise
as i run away and i hide
tip toeing around hell bound
playing in the devils playground
as i sit in his thrown now wearing his crown
making this life in hell the place i now call my home.

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This Poems Story

giving into the temptation and listening to your demons. letting your past over take you and bring into the pits of hell.