On Passing

I wasn’t even there,

but I felt it.

The way a blind man knows it’s raining

I knew you were gone.

The way reality sometimes hits you

with intent to kill

I lost you.

The way you realize that life is hostile

you were stolen from me.

You slipped through my fingers

like sunlight,

leaving only the remembrance of heat-

of peace-

of happiness.

I remain here

searching still for the glint of you

in my reflection,

for the sparkle you gave to my glistening eyes,

for the clarity you gave to empty rooms

and your spreading fingers at dawn which drew me awake.

I wasn’t even there,

but I felt the sun transition

from burning glory

to tranquil moon,

felt the light fade from warm

to pale and fading still.

Soon, I knew, yet didn’t stop

to admire the tendrils of light

while yet it still burned.

As you lay dead

My eyes beheld real darkness-



And I knew,

the way a blind man knows the sun to set.

You slipped from my grasp for good,

my fingers clutch at empty air,

my eyes bemoan the loss of color,

the lost luster from the world,

and my body grows colder to you every day.

But I remember-

I remember the life you gave to me.

The blood that runs now in my veins

binds me to you with every heartbeat,

and though you gave me no parting word,

though in finality you left this world alone,

you are my legacy now.

Your story belongs to me.

The shine in my eyes will forever speak your name,

and my lips impart your epic

every time I speak of truth

and so you will be immortal through me.

Your soul is mine

and mine does not forget.

Through me, through God, through truth,

you will last through the centuries.

No, I wasn’t even there-

but I heard you,

through the echoes of a canyon.

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