On the backs of Women before us

On the backs of women before us,
Stands stories of legacy and triumph,
Anne Komnene-Byzantine princess historian, and scholar,
Showing that you can wear a crown and be brilliant,
Katherine Johnson NASA mathematician,
Showing color and gender doesn't mean anything,
On the backs of the women before us,
All the Rosie's who took on the man's job
Showing women have muscle,
The suffragettes,
Through force-feeding and imprisonment,
Just so women can vote,
On the backs of women before us,
Like Rosa Parks,
Who looked into the eyes of a white man,
And said try me,
Proving women have the power to revolt,
Florence Nightengale who gave roots to nursing,
Nellie Blye who birthed investigative journalism,
These are women of the past,
Today there is Malala who took a bullet,
Because education is a right,
Gretta fighting for a greener earth,
All these women then and now,
Teaching girls, they can put their feet down,
Look into the eyes of man and say "try me"

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