On the Battlefield

Hearing the first war cry as it all began
Feeling united hand in hand
We run out to fight for our family and friends
But it is just too much, all the dead ends
There is no real way of winning on either side
We have to stop or we will all die
This is war and we knew what we signed up for
I feel a shot run through my core
I feel proud as I hit the ground
I have served my country and now I must go down
My friends won't let me go
They drag me back to camp and away from our foe
I feel the pain coming up in my arm
But I know now I'm safe there is no more harm
I feel the nurses wrap the wound
I start to daze and feel I'm doomed
Slowly I fall asleep and feel the darkness surround me
I have a dream where there is a special key
It opens up a world to all peace
Everyone is a friend and the wars seemed to cease
I am free to be with my family and friends
I hope someday this is how the real world will end

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