On the Eve of Our Move-in

I stand and wait, I knock and hear,
Behind the door, your dance is clear.
Your twists and turns of happiness,
No need to see each other less -
This nest of ours, just us, at last.

I peer and see these days ahead,
But then, the truth, it falls like lead.
Just two more months my soul can rise:
To heights of bliss, amidst your sighs.
Your hand in mine, we laugh and fly.

The door of time can just delay,
But when it falls my heart can lie
At last, at rest, embracing you
My sweetest bulb I'll be your dew.
We'll build a forest just for love.

And please my dear, don't take this grim.
I'd break it but the lock's not thin.
And while we wait, let's kiss. why not?
My Cheeks, my sweet, my apricot.
We're almost there, I'm always here.

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