On the Farm

On the farm, there is work to be done
But some hard labor may be fun.
You have to feed the animals twice a day;
Some eat pellets and some eat hay.
After you give the dogs their puppy chow
You brush the pony, then milk the cow.
Next you drive the tractor and plow the field
Then pick the apples that will soon need peeled.

On the farm, it's not all hard work
Other surprises, around they lurk.
You can find a brown egg in a nest
Laid by a hen, who was trying her best.
In the mornings, you can hear
The birds singing their songs with cheer.
Then during the day, you can see
The neighing horse and buzzing bee.
Horses, goats, alpacas, sheep,
Pigs, cows, and chicks that cry, "Peep!"

But do not forget about shoveling the stalls
Into the wheelbarrow that must be hauled.
After you finish, it will be time to eat--
Corn! Bread! Applesauce! Meat!
Now with the work done and your stomach full
You'll go to rest your happy soul.

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