On the Floor Again

You've got me on the floor again.
By now I know the exact color of your skin.
As I look at the freckle on your lips
I think about how I would worship to them.
Not worship by obeying to your command
but worship by obeying to my love.
I look at your knees and my face went red again.

I try to get it, how to feel. I let it sink into my skin.
I grab it, hold onto it, and try to breath it in.
How do I take what I know so certainly
and bring it back to how it was before.
Before it grew bore and before it grew anxious. You sit there,
me with one hand on your knee and the other waving set free to
express. You had led me to this great world of discovery.
I thought I was courageous, but then i met you. I thought
I was talented. Thought I had it all. But then I met you.

You showed me an entire universe when all I knew was a world.
You left me as you grew bored of this one world you seen in me
because you see universes
and i just don't have it in me too see a galaxy.

One world swept into the abyss of a universe she was
just too small to hold onto. I was so certain I had you until
you took me, swept me off my feet, and left me on the floor again.

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