On the mountain's top

Ah, I see the world below my very feet!
I exceed the tallest mountains highest peak!
The birds float like dust below,
I'm more free then the wind's flow!
The earth is rolled out before my eyes,
It is cloaked by the dreamy blue skies!
I've never felt this free before,
the valley's beauty draws me in with it's allure.
The sea is as a fine sapphire,
oh it rolls it's endless billow empire!
The birds sing, the trees dance as the wind conducts,
A parade of spring bucks!
Marvellous, grand indeed!
I behold the beauty as a soul careless and free.
The sun as clockwork on a circuit,
The moon calmly lit.
The cotton clouds float by,
Is this all a dream, is it a lie?
Nature, a gift from God it is,
Oh astonishing and perplexing devices,
All around me and so serene,
Oh Lord tell me, is this a dream?

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This Poems Story

Another Poem I wrote in deep cognitive distress. I don't care if you like it, love it, or hate it. You'r opinion is worthless and I hate those that write poems for attention.