On the Stage of Life

In the vastness of the stage of life
Unlimited scenes unfold often
Though it may create rampant strife
The time constantly keeps marching on

Can we always measure up to the time,
As, on every scene, the curtain is drawn?
Are those events conspired by time
From the race of life, not to be withdrawn?

Are we then the captors of time,
Though we wander on the stage of life?
Aren't those scenes oft bonded in time,
Leading us to the greenery of life?

Thus, when the drama finally leads us
Towards the destination of our choice
The audience of the world will applaud us
And, we'll see it's the Stage Director's choice

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This Poems Story

This poem reflects the impatience of humans with time as their myriad of wishes are seemingly not granted by the ever-flowing time.