On the Surface

You see and judge me from the first look,
You simply glimpsed at the title, but didn't open the book.
There's more to me than the color of my skin,
But you looked from the outside, and not from within.

Never getting past the first glance,
You thought you knew me, and didn't give me a chance.
Because I was different from what you knew,
You decided I wasn't good enough for you.

Instead of taking the time to get to know me,
You automatically labeled me based on society.
Without even knowing my name,
You limited my worth and placed me in a small frame.

Taunting me because of my big lips and thick thighs,
You see only the superficial things through your eyes.

Too scared to explore outside of your comfort zone,
You dodge new knowledge, and stick with what you've known.
So busy searching for all the flaws within everyone else,
You haven't had a chance to inspect yourself.

It's the people like you I pity the most,
So scared that your world might change,
That you are quick to hate and swift to judge,
So that your world remains the same.

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