On the warm Summer’s noon

It was summers noon, I was in the school
Miss May was our ma'am, she was total scam,
Would come to the class, all day in her glass
And gaze onto boys, in hope they were men,
I was not grown, in the shape may she like
She came to my bench, on the warm summers noon,
Miss May plump and tall, I wasn’t even small
Her thighs I could see, it felt little wrong,
A drop of my sweat, from way up the neck
Fell from the wing, onto lower back,
I slid to the end, of the long thin bench
As I did the slids, she folds her to plank,
Now inch by the inch, she ate all the gap
Kept coming near, I’s wet in the fear,
But the fear was strange, as she went close range
Her breath I could breathe, she made pupil freeze,
On the warm summers noon, she winked like a loon
Nowhere was the hate, I liked her so soon,
She pushed in her flesh, into thighs of the mine
The pleasure seem sacred, it ran into spines,
For spell like second, the wobble I did felt
The muscles together, mingled and melt,
The force she said gentle, was great for a man
I’s rather falling, but she held me by hand,
I never knew why she came to my bench
And went like that with better present.

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