On The Wings of Yesterday

My words are just letters
dipped in moonlight
strung together like stars
and draped across the sky
to form these words
that mean everything
but change nothing
Jaded thoughts
expressed with tainted words
that came straight from a mind
that has been faded for a decade or more
Lost inside dreams never told goals that were sold
to the lowest bidder
Hidden inside fogs bitter mist
cloudy eyes hide a heart thats clear
as it gets raided by these twisted emotions
Pieces of myself that need to be set free
are being held hostage by fear
of never feeling anything this real again
of being left numb from an overdose of stimulation
In the deepest parts of my torn and tattered soul
I'm Shattered
Little pieces of me scattered on the floor
sticking to your feet as you walk all over me again
I can still kind of hear our laughter
as it echo's in the distance
on the wings of yesterday

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love gone wrong.