On Turning 90

Turning 90 glad to be alive
A life time of memories
Treasures inside a fading mind
Looking back with teary eyes
Knowing tomorrow can no longer match yesterday

My teen age years were full of worry
Studied hard to get ahead
Dreams of an amazing future filled my thoughts
I know now that it was worth it
Looking back from 90

Aches and pains fill my tired days
The mirror does not reflect who I am
The wrinkles and lines of a lifetime
Paint a picture of a man too old to be me
I’m still a grape in my mind
Not the raisin in the mirror

Though statistic tell me my time is short
When I was 15 I wanted to live to 101
Now that it is close I’m hoping much more
Turning 90 and still that same soul
Full of hope of possibility

Turing 90 nothing changed
Still an optimist looking forward
Some would be sad looking back
I would change nothing
Of a lifetime full of dreams

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