On your own

Does it tear you up inside

To sleep in that bed each night

Do you still feel my shadow

Remembering all the times

How I held you as you slept

Does your heart fall to pieces

Knowing that no matter what

You don’t have the courage

To tell me how you truly feel

So you’ll attempt to sleep alone

Doesn’t it kill you to know

All the things that happened here?

How your mind thinks of them

Every time you lay down here

I have to say, I’m just giddy

What you don’t understand

Is that I am over you

My mind doesn’t remember your face

Or the s#*! you put me through

You’re just a blur of my past

But it attacks you every night

Sleeping in that very same bed

The mattress that enslaves your mind

It’s ok though, you know?

You chose this path on your own.

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