Every little thing you'd say
was like a hammer
chipping away
at who I thought I could be
at the person I was
deep inside me
when everything fell apart
I was a girl
broken in two
then smashed further,
to bits by you
I was lost
so very scared
where was the woman
with grace, a flair
I wondered about so many things
why did I allow you
to make me feel so unworthy
I picked up the pieces
that I could find
I walked into
a whole new life
I did not know
if I could simply be
without you
walking next to me
its been awhile
and I have found
a woman I like
under the rubble
and the lies
and all the things
I read in your eyes
it been something
walking this path
but there are a few things
I've learned at last
I allowed, each of those things
'cause I loved you
more than I ever loved me
it will be
a cold day in hell
before I ever allow
another man to knock me down
never again will I call it love
when its nothing but
a pack of lies
I loved you once
so very much
but you love nothing
not even yourself
you can not give
what you do not have
and I find I can forgive you for that
I will not hold
onto any hate
I loved you once
I will remember those days

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