Once Again

Once again surround me in your ecstatic arms,
Once again enfold me on your heavenly lap,
The charisma of your aura the magic of your touch,
was not enough want to feel it again.

In a Celestial night when sky is clear,
Twinkling star somewhere far seems near,
I see with a hope and longing in my heart,
Can I see you in a star
beause people say Mother goes there when she departs.

When I travel and my plane goes up in the sky,
The world of clouds seems so real which is trance high,
A magnificent world filled with cosmic colours,
Some silver ,few orange,rare grey were sprayed
My eyes are looking for the colour you wear,
because people say
our loved one are always there.

When my car slides in winter foggy night,
When everything is draped in a misty way,
Existence of power appears dim
and shy,
My heart yearns to see your face
in that engulfed space
because people say soul comes in invisible ways.

Waiting for the day when stars have stairs,
When cloud will tell me the colour you wear,
When the mist will be clear with some mystic glints,
Once again we will be together
in some lifetimes frame.

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