Once Again

When the past creeps close to my present
I am consumed with so much pain it strangles me,
I can't breathe
Then the glossy view develops and the tears drift down my face
Swerving and curving until they land and disintegrate
I wish those bad memories would disintegrate like those tears
But they never ever do
They travel deep within me and dig graves into my soul
And there they lay
Resting, waiting
Nestled within me until the unknown shakes them awake
And they are resurrected
They march within my veins and move me like a mountain
But like a mountain I never crumble and fall
Each time they take some of me
the weaker I become,
the more I begin to ponder
What will the ruble of this mountain look like?
Will the fall be as great as the stance?
and indeed I wonder when
Until once again they dig and lay
and I am calm for a short time once again

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